Discover Your Path to Wellness: Pricing and Memberships at The Elite Hub

At The Elite Hub, we believe that holistic wellness is not just a journey; it’s a way of life.

Our pricing and membership options are crafted with your well-being in mind, offering a gateway to an elevated state of vitality and performance. Whether you seek targeted treatments or a comprehensive wellness experience, our flexible pricing and membership plans empower you to tailor your journey.

Explore the options designed to meet your unique needs, and embark on a transformative path to peak performance and enduring well-being.

Diagnostic Services:

Service Description Price
Styku 3D Body Scan
A cutting-edge technology that accurately evaluates your body composition. Unlike traditional methods like BMI, this scan gives a detailed analysis of body fat, muscle mass, bone density, and hydration levels.
Skulpt Muscle Quality Test
Muscle quality testing is a diagnostic tool used to determine the strength and function of muscles throughout the body.
Zinzino Balance Inflammation
Vivitality’s exclusive Biometric Inflammation Test measures the levels of the most important inflammatory markers in the body to assess the individual’s overall level of inflammation.
Zinzino Insulin Resistance
The Insulin Resistance Blood Test is a diagnostic test used to determine if an individual has insulin resistance, which is a condition that occurs when the body does not respond properly to insulin.
Lumen Metabolic Test
This test is designed to provide individuals with an accurate, personalised picture of their metabolic health, and identify potential areas of improvement.
Foodmarble Toxicity Test
The Foodmarble Toxicity Test is an at-home breath testing kit which measures how well individual digests and tolerates various types of foods. We can easily help you to eliminate bloating with this test.